General conditions

What you’ll need
From a minimum of R5 000 to a maximum of R500 000
R500 000 is the maximum amount you can get
You would only need to bring along your ID/Passport, Drivers Licence and the original registration papers of the vehicle registered in your name.

About Xcelsior Loans

xcelsior financial services — Short Term Loans

Xcelsior loans are a credit company based in South Africa that offers emergency cash solutions to borrowers. Xcelsior financial services are unique and different from other online lending services providers.  Xcelsior uses a distinct method to be able to disburse loans to its clients.

While other lenders do not have to ask for any items for them to issue a loan, Xcelsior only awards emergency cash against cars, bikes, and trucks to mention but a few. This model may not favor online borrowers who do not have motor vehicles.

On the brighter side, the company offers loans with no hurdles whatsoever by eliminating the tedious bank borrowing procedures.

Why Choose Xcelsior Loans?

Xcelsior loans have many advantages attached to their name. Some of the reasons that draw customers to their services include:

  • Zero Paperwork

Typical of traditional lending systems, customers have to ensure that all paperwork is done before they can access the loan. Xcelsior loans need no papers and the decisions are made almost instantly.

The technology used for online application systems and payment methods eases access to credit process.

  • No Credit History Checks

Regardless of your current credit history status, Xcelsior loans award you cash. You will only be required to bring your car and you can walk away with the loan. Bad or good credit histories do not count with Xcelsior financial services.

  • Safety of Pawn Motor Vehicles

Xcelsior Financial Services — cash from IPayLoansBorrowers may be worried about the safety of the vehicles that they give as security or collateral for the loans. Xcelsior ensures that your car is safe and secure until the day you repay your loan. Motor vehicles can be reclaimed after payment of the loan.

  • Transparency

Online lending platforms have been known to dupe their customers by exaggerating the payment terms. Xcelsior offers a clear and transparent model that does not conflict with the initial terms it states before giving out the loan.

  • Instant Access

Emergency loans are a great way to boost your finance deficit before the end of the month.  Applying for a loan at a bank may take ages. Xcelsior loans are instantly disbursed to your bank account after the application is submitted and approved by the company.

How to Apply for the Loan?

If you need quick money, Xcelsior makes the application process quite simple. Submit your personal and contact details to Xcelsior loans online and once the information is processed and you give your motor vehicle to the company, you will receive a loan offer.

All the information is held with utmost discretion and the cash is sent to your bank account in an instant. The process is simple and should take you only a couple of minutes.

How Xcelsior Loans Helps You?

Xcelsior financial services provide loans that help borrowers meet their needs in an easy alternative by pawning their motor vehicles. Borrowers do not need to sell assets to access quick cash but they can use these assets as collaterals for loans. Instant loans form Xcelsior with flexible repayment terms and are a perfect option to traditional bank borrowing systems.

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