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About Finchoice Loans

Finchoice ranks as one of the best short-term loans providers in South Africa. Finchoice loans are tailor-made for the borrowers allowing them to access from different types of loans. Loans by Finchoice are reasonable and flexible and are channeled to your bank almost immediately.

Finchoice Online Loans in South Africa — IPay Loans

Financial needs may arise from medical bills, utilities and unforeseen situations such as funerals. Emergencies demand quick and huge loads of cash that cannot be accessed through banks. Online lending platforms are the go-to option. Finchoice has risen to the top to beat many online borrowers for many reasons as discussed in the next few paragraphs.

Why Choose Finchoice

  • Application Procedures

Traditional borrowing methods at the bank can be quite frustrating. Finchoice loans accessed online allow for borrowers to access the money they desperately need easily. Wave good-bye to lengthy procedures, paperwork, and long queues.

  • Speedy Disbursement

Loans are disbursed in minutes to your bank account. Banks can take several months to approve your loan or even decline it in other instances.

  • Boosts

You can apply for a Finchoice second loan to boost your finances if need be.

  • Mobile Application

Finchoice has a Mobimoney application that allows borrowers to access credit through their mobile phone. Download the App from Play Store for Android phones and fill in your details and wait for a loan offer. You can also apply for an unsecured loan through the company’s website if you do not have the mobile application.

Finchoice Loans — Quick Short Term Loans

  • Customer Care

Finchoice contact details are available on the company website. Customer care staff can easily address any queries or questions that you may have through the contacts provided.

  • Flexible Terms and Repayment Periods

Repayment periods are customer-friendly.  You can choose from the Finchoice loan table which indicates the loans offered and repayment periods for each. An example of a loan offered by the company is the Finchoice Flexi loan.

How Do I Apply for a Finchoice Loan?

To be able to access a loan through Finchoice, you have to be an employed South African citizen. You must also be over 18 years. If the application is successful, funds are disbursed into your bank account (this is crucial as well). To apply for a loan, fill out your information in the Finchoice loan application form and wait for the system to process your application.

You will receive a loan offer depending on your credit score history. Loans can be applied for through the website or the mobile application available for android users. Money is then sent straight to your bank account. Loans can be paid back at the end of the month when you receive your salary.

How Do Finchoice Loans Help You?

Finchoice is a short-term loan solution that creates a platform for South African citizens to access loans before their payday. Payday loans allow you to pay for the money received at the end of the month without any hassle.  Finchoice loans are accessible to borrowers who have good credit histories. In case of any emergencies that need money, Finchoice is a good lending site that you can trust.

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