General conditions

What you’ll need
Between R300 to R9000
4 – 65 days
1. Name and surname; 2. Phone number; 3. Bankcard number for quick loans SA.

Binixo Loans South Africa — Quick Cash IPayLoansAbout Binixo loans

Binixo Loans is one of the most popular and used South African online quick cash loan brokerage companies. Binixo loans provide a quick and easy online solution to anyone looking for a quick cash loan. Binixo Loans was one of the first loan brokers to enter the South African market, so they understand the needs of the market and understand the service that must be delivered.

They are an international company which operates within the fast paced fintech space so besides understanding South Africa, they are at the cutting edge of innovation in the industry and bring through solutions to the South African market that are already being used in other more advanced markets globally.

Why Choose Binixo loans

Binixo loans operates online so you can do your application from the comfort of your office or from home.  You do not need to travel anywhere to make your loan application with Binixo Loans.

As soon as you submit your application online, the Binixo system will assess your eligibility for the loan.  Once this is confirmed, the managers will do a final assessment and you will get a response which can be in as little as a few hours.

What types of Loans

Binixo loans offers loans of between R 300 and R 9000 which can be repaid within a period of 65 days. 

If any unforeseen circumstances should come up during the repayment period which makes it difficult for the borrower to repay the loan on time, the borrower can renegotiate repayment terms with Binixo Loans to suit their circumstances. While Binixo loans is an established business it is also a business with interests of its customers at heart.

How to apply

Applying for a loan through Binixo Loans is quick and simple with approval being given within very quick timeframes.

All the customer needs to do is the following:

  • Go onto the Binixo loans site
  • Click on the apply button
  • Fill in required information, being, name, ID number, contact details including email address
  • Current bank account details

With this minimal information, the Binixo loans system can ascertain whether you qualify for a loan and once the managers verify the outcome from the system, you will get your loan approval sent through to you.

Quick Cash Loans — Binixo from IPay Loans

How Binixo Loans helps you

Binixo loans is there for you in your hour of need.  Unlike conventional banks that will require a lot of information and keep you waiting for days if not weeks, before they can disburse cash to you, let alone tell you if your loan has been approved, Binixo loans operates quickly and with minimal information required.  They also make sure that your information is kept secure with their state of the art technology. Their systems do not filter blacklisted candidates so even if you are blacklisted, your Binixo loan can still be approved.

Binixo Loans will not only help you in your time of need when you need that small quick cash advance but also when you need a small amount of money to finance a small project or business idea. Binixo Loans is the number one trusted loan broker in South Africa.

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