Mr Cash Loans

Mr Cash Loans

General conditions

What you’ll need
R3,000 up to R200,000
3 months – 60 months
1. You need be permanently employed for more than 6 months; 2. You also need to be older that 18 and younger than 60; 3. With your own bank account, that your salary gets deposited into and you need to have access to email and your own cellphone number.

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All you need to know about Mr. Cash Loans

  • What sets Mr Cash Loans apart from other loan brokers

Mr Cash Loans is a breath of fresh air in the personal loan brokerage industry of South Africa.  They are transparent and do not promise you what they cannot deliver.

  • Why use Mr Cash Loans?

While many online personal loan brokerage firms will promise you a response within minutes of your application, this all too often is not possible as the National Credit Act requires that certain checks are carried out before a loan is approved and disbursed to a customer.

It is for this reason that Mr Cash Loans actually prequalifies you for a loan and then proceeds to ask you for all required documents before issuing the loan.  You will not be met with the nasty surprise of having to send through supporting documents when initially you were told that this was not necessary to begin with.

If you use MrCashLoans you will save yourself the embarrassment of asking family and friends for the cash you require, but rather you will be able to take control of your financial situation with a flexible loan brokered by Mr Cash Loans.

With Mr Cash Loans, you can apply for a loan of between R 1,000 and R 200,000 and the repayment terms can be tailored to your needs.

Applying for a loan

  • Application process

With Mr Cash Loans, the loan application process is simple and straight forward. You just need to go onto their website and fill in the online cash loan application form. Once this is submitted with all your information, including bank account details, salary, income and ID number, Mr Cash Loans will run their credit check and check to see if you qualify for a loan and if you do, they will also check to see the maximum amount that you qualify for.

In order to qualify to apply for a loan through Mr Cash Loan, you must be between the ages of 18 and 60 years old.  You must have been employed by the same South African company for the past 6 months and have been receiving your salary from the company into your South African bank account.

The minimum salary that one must earn to apply for a loan through Mr Cash Loans is R 5,000.

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How Mr Cash Loans can help you?

  • Tips for fast loan approval

If you want a loan through Mr Cash Loans, make sure that you fill in the online application form on the Mr Cash Loans website. Without doing this you cannot get a loan from MR Cash Loans.

Once you have been prequalified and asked to send through supporting documents, make sure that you send through all the required documents and that you are sending through the correct information that is required.

Lastly, make sure your contact information, namely, your email address and phone number are entered correctly so that there are no problems when Mr Cash Loans tries to get hold of you.

  • Reasons why it is easy and convenient to apply for an online loan

Applying for an online loan from Mr Cash Loans is convenient and most of all it is confidential. Customer relationship management is quick and transparent.

You do not need to ask friends and family for that bridging loan which can be very embarrassing.

All loans are processed from online applications.  You can easily apply for a loan from home or from work on your tea break as the online application is simple.

Mr Cash Loans Cape Town will also accommodate you, even if you have issues with your credit record.  This may just however mean you get a higher interest rate to accommodate the higher risk.

It is therefore within your best interests to apply for a loan through Mr Cash Loans.

Its even more convenient, because once your loan is approved, the funds will be transferred into your account within hours.

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