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What you’ll need
Up to R 3000 for new customers
120 days
A cellphone number, SA ID number, Bank account details, Most recent proof of income

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Get that payday loan from UnionLoans

Unionloans is a lender in the micro-loan space. They are the regulated financial services and credit provider. Union loans encourage and support responsible lending and do not lend to the people what they cannot afford to repay. They believe that economic freedom starts with credit that is within one’s affordability range. The focus is to assist employed persons to bridge a short gap between a moment when a short term need arises and their next inflow of income.

Access your payday loan online

UnionLoans “Cash Advance” loans could be done safely and securely online, taking away the need to physically visit a cash loan office. Also being an online service means that most of the processes are on a computer interface, thus the service is provided 24 hours a day. The actual back office work is however only done during office hours.

How to apply for a Union loan?

Applications forms are completed online. After the applicants have submitted their applications, the personnel at Union loans use the contact details supplied to contact them to go through the pre-approval and verification process.

The applicants must then supply supporting documents after which the assessment team goes through the application and assesses affordability before giving the final sign off.

Get your payday loan on the same day

Loans are usually processed from start to finish in the same day. If the application is given the all clear, the loan will be paid into the applicants’ bank account within an hour. The exception will be applications made after 3pm on a work day and those made after hours and on weekends. These would typically take longer than 1 hour.

What kind of payday loan do you get

Loan amounts start from R500 to a maximum of R3000.The repayment period is a maximum of 2 months. This helps give the debtors a bit of a breather. The total payable amount can be broken down into the loan amount plus interest and fees. Fees can be explained as the cost of lending the loaned money over the period of time it has been borrowed for. The interest is calculated as a rate per day.

How we help you to get a Union payday loan

Unionloans, as well as PaydayLoans 2.0, cares about the people to whom it lends, and therefore contributes to responsible lending. They educate their consumer about the importance of budgeting and saving. They believe that without a good budgeting and saving balance, one will keep needing to borrow unnecessarily. They provide an electronic budget spreadsheet to help debtor’s work out a budgeting plan. Past users who have kept their credit record clean are welcome to apply for another loan.

When getting a Union payday loan you not only get a loan but financial advice, to make sure that you navigate yourself out of any financial problems you may be having.

Online Payday Loans — Unionloans in Cape Town
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  1. i am looking for contact details for union loans as I need a paid up them from them

    1. Hi Amanda,
      You can apply
      267 Arizona Cres, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0081
      012 142 0911

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