PaydayLoans 2.0

PaydayLoans 2.0

General conditions

What you’ll need
Up to R1000 for new customers, and increase the size next month depending on your capacity to repay the loan within 40-days.
40 days
Your latest greatest bank statement, ID, Bank account details


Making online loans is very convenient

Why use Padayloans 2.0

Paydayloans 2.0 is a straight forward and simple payday loan provider in South Africa.  And just like MoneyMouse Loans, Paydayloans 2.0 is a small payday loan company. Although Paydayloans 2.0 is an online payday loan provider, there is always someone you can talk because we believe that we should be able to build relationships with our customers.  On your first application to Paydayloans 2.0, you will only qualify for R 1,000 and this must be paid back within 40 days maximum.  Paydayloans 2.0 prefers to quote a flat interest per loan.  That interest rate is capped at 20%.  Paydayloans will tell you all the costs related to the loan upfront so that you know what you must pay at the end of your chosen time period.

Other costs

While there are fees and interest involved when you take out a payday loan, these should not be the main focus of the loan.  It is based on this, that Paydaloans 2.0 would rather give their customers the full amount of the loan that is required to be repaid.  This way the customers understand, what they are getting into and what their obligations are upfront.

How to apply

Micro Cash Loans — Paydayloans 2.0 you may first start by opening an account on their site.  This is a simple process in which you give them all your relevant information like your bank account details, ID number and employment details which will include your payslip.

At this stage, Paydayloans 2.0 would also require a summary of your income against your expenses so that when they assess your loan application they are sure that you can afford the amount of the loan you are applying for.
Once you have completed this stage, you are now registered with Paydayloans 2.0.  This, however, does not mean you have applied for a loan.

This is merely the first step in a process to allow you to apply for a loan from us.  A login ID, as well as the password, will be emailed to you within 5 minutes.  Once this stage is done you can now apply for a loan from Paydayloans 2.0.  You can apply for a maximum loan amount of R 1000 which can be raised to R 4000 as you successfully repay the loan and all subsequent loans.  This can be done by following easy instructions, once you have logged in to your account.

You will then need to email through all your supporting documents, namely your three months bank statement, payslip, and ID.

When your application is done, you do not have to print sign and scan papers through.  By merely clicking on the “I agree” and “Submit buttons on the website you are consenting to the terms of the loan.  Assessment of the loan may take more than a day but be assured that the staff at Paydayloans 2.0 are working on your application to give you the best — quick cash loans in SA

How Paydayloans 2.0 helps you

Paydayloans 2.0 is here to help you by bridging payday loans to get you past those difficult financial times.  Hence why they give small affordable loans.

Even with a bad credit record, you can still get a loan, although, it will be at an interest rate closer to 20% for the 40 day period.
You can, therefore, apply for a Paydayloan 2.0 with confidence.

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