General conditions

What you’ll need
From R500 to R8000 for new customers
30 days
You need to be a South African citizen, Over 21 & have a regular income

LittleLoans — Ipayloans in South Africa


What are Little Loans about

Little Loans, founded in 2014, is a comparison platform for payday cash loans. It is a regulated financial services provider. This service allows the applicant to submit a single application to various micro-lenders at the same time and get multiple responses in an instant. Notice that applying for credit to different providers can decrease the applicant’s credit scoring.

The advantage of using Little Loans platform is that it’s a single application and you get all your responses in one go.  You, therefore, get your fast little loan without going through numerous credit checks.

LittleLoans in South Africa — Fast Payday Loans

Securing your credit record while making multiple applications

Your request is viewed as one application in terms of credit scoring. While there are numerous micro-lenders in the South African market, for example, as Lime Loans, not all have the same minimum requirements, terms and conditions, fees and interest rates or see the credit risk profile of the same individual the same way.

Therefore, the responses that a single applicant will get from different lenders will also be different. Little Loans allows the applicant to get a quick response from various providers at the same time, displayed in a way that is easy to understand so that they can compare the quotes and responses and choose the best offer for them.

What Little payday loans can you get

Payday loan lenders offer loans at varying scales from R500 to R8000 payable at the applicant’s next salary date. The service and interest charges are also at varying scales. The applicant can, accordingly, pick the offer that gives them the right amount of cash they desire at the lowest fee and interest charge.

How to apply for a loan

To apply for a loan with Little Loans, one needs to fill in a form on the Little loans a website. There are no hidden costs with Little Loans, their service is completely free. The interest is calculated as a rate per day. So the longer the borrowing time, the more they are charged. To apply, the applicant will need to be a South African Citizen. Applicants at least have to be 21 years old or older and have a regular income. All data submitted to Little Loans on their website is safe as their webpage uses encryption settings. Blacklisted individuals or those undergoing debt review will not be eligible to apply for payday loans on the Little Loan’s portal.

We help to get a loan

Little Loans does not charge any fee for their service to the consumer. They do not require any paperwork from the applicant. The response is given instantly and cash is sent through the same day. At little loans, there are over 2500 loans processed daily so they know the little loans industry well. The portal is already used by 100,000 South African clients. Applicants with bad credit records, have judgments against them or have been listed as slow payers can also to apply for loans.

Little Loans South Africa — IPay Loans
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