Lime Loans

Lime Loans

General conditions

What you’ll need
Up to R 1754 for new customers
35 days
You must have an Identity Document of the Republic of South Africa, be over 18 years old, have a South African bank account and access to the internet


About Lime 24

Lime 24 is an online loan application company owned by Lime loans, which is registered by the Intellectual Property commission and is a designated Credit Provider. The service it offers, along with the whole loan application process, is fully automated, meaning applicants get the responses to their applications instantly. It is also available day and night, seven days a week due to this automation functionality.

Minimum application criteria

Applicants must make sure they meet the minimum criteria before applying. Which is, they must have a South African ID, must have an active South African Bank Account and a South African cell phone number.

Services offered

Lime offers four service streams for its loan clientele. These are:
  • Lime Start
  • Lime Silver
  • Lime Gold
  • VIP
Lime Start is an entry-level offering, with loans up to a maximum of R1754 over 35 days. For first time borrowers, this loan qualifies for a 0 percent interest fee and no extra charges. This means that the repayable amount is also equal to a total of R1754 if the borrower takes the maximum loan. The next level is the Lime Silver with a loan maximum of R3780, followed by Lime Gold capped at R5400 and lastly, VIP also capped at R5400.

How to apply for a Lime24 loan?

Firstly, create a profile to process online in order to complete registration.  You will need to enter bank details as well.  The more information provided, the better the rate grading.  Lastly, you must choose a term and loan amount. On approval, money is sent to your bank account. The whole process is secure due to the use of online encryption. Different service levels at Lime24 are tariff groups. The Lime Start has no benefits and is the entry-level tariff group. In the silver level, a service fee is only charged at the 32nd day of the loan period, on the gold level, the interest fee is lower from the second loan onwards and at VIP level, the 5 day loans are free of charge and from day 6 to 40 the loans are free of the interest charge.
Improving your rating
To improve one’s tariff rating, the borrower can perform some tariff improvement criteria from the list provided. Regular use of the Lime 24 service also improves tariff grading, maintaining a good credit history all help improve grading. They could also give a good recommendation for Lime24 on social media platforms, and forward a screenshot to Lime24 using their registered mobile number as their identifier and try to avoid making late payments.
We help to get a loan
Any further loans and repayments can also be done quickly and easily online using the initial profile created. For subsequent loans, the borrowers just log into their profile, select a payment amount and the loan period required, and get a response within 1 minute.  Manual repayments can also be done on the borrower’s profile should they wish to pay before the debit order date. Early settlement or repayment can also result in a reduction on the service and interest fees. In addition to Lime24, on our website you will find other equally profitable payday loans, such as Wannaloan, Express Finance and others.
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