EasyPayday Loans

EasyPayday Loans

General conditions

What you’ll need
Up to R 1000 for new customers
30 days
A cellphone number, SA ID number, Bank account details, Most recent proof of income

Easypayday Loans — Ipayloans


About EasyPayday Loans

EasyPayDay, as well as Powerloans, is a popular South African online credit provider. Their product offering is fast little loans of up to R2500. Their type of loan can be described as payday or pay in advance loan. It is a small loan that the applicant must pay back on their next salary date. The service is to assist individuals in the South African market when they are strapped for cash due to an unforeseen emergency, that cannot wait for month end when they get paid again.

Availability of payday loan applications

The Easy Pay Day application portal is available online making it accessible 24 hours a day for applications. The application process is quick and easy and the response is given in minutes of applying. Though the process is easy, this type of borrowing should not be used regularly and or recklessly. It can be expensive due to the large interest rates charged on the repayment.

How to apply for a loan

The application is done online and only takes 1 minute, the result of the application is instant and an immediate decision is given.

EasyPayday in South Africa — Ipay Loans

Eligibility for Easypayday pay day loans

To be eligible, the applicant must be 18 years or older, must be a South African Citizen, have an active bank account and must be permanently employed. What characterizes the Easy Payday loan service is they pay up to R2500.

Response time and security

Easy Payday loans will give you an immediate response so, the applicant knows instantly if they qualify or not. There is no paperwork that is required or faxing of documents that you will be required to do. The portal is safe and secure as is the whole application process and there is no obligation to take the loan once approved.

Assessment of the pay day loan

The risk assessment is done as soon as the application is submitted and approval is done instantly. The Loan repayment total will depend on the loan amount and the duration of the loan before repayment as interest is charged per day.

Easy Payday has a table that shows the repayment amount according to the amount borrowed, starting from R100 and the period of the loan starting from 10 days.  You can assess what you can afford by using this table before submitting your final application.

We help to get a loan

Applicants with bad credit records, that is those that have been blacklisted, have judgments against them or have been listed as slow payers are also welcome to apply for loans. The loan criteria have to be met which is a South African citizen applicant 18 years or older, who are employed full time with a monthly salary date and a valid bank account.
You will find the process to be accommodating to anyone who has employment income and qualifies on all other criteria set out above.

Past or current borrowers qualify instantly for a new loan as soon as they settle their first loan.

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